OT2016 #7: "Do We Even Really Know the Name?"

The holiday season is in full swing—with the first opinion announcement of the year. This week on First Mondays, we recap the Court's decision in Bravo-Fernandez and the slew of new grants out of the most recent conference. We also have Danielle D'Onfro, Lecturer in Law at Washington University, to discuss Jevic, a major bankruptcy case that the Court will hear this week. But before we do, we've got a special dispatch from the Beckles oral argument from Professor Leah Litman, some very special fan mail from the Court-appointed amicus in Beckles, and a look at ways the Court might get to five in Jennings, about the indefinite detention of immigrants. We also preview the arguments this week in the Court's Virginia and North Carolina election cases, argued by former General Counsel of the Hillary for America team, Marc Elias.

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