OT2016 #6: "Live By The Sword, Die By The Sword"

It's a jam-packed holiday episode of First Mondays! In this episode, we begin with thoughts on the election and—even more consequentially—the Court's DIG in Visa v. Osborn. We also recap the last of the November cases, and use our juridical clairvoyance to predict the November assignments. Joining us to preview the December calendar is Professor Leah Litman, who discusses Beckles v. United States, and we also discuss Jennings v. Rodriguez, about when you can detain people without bond who might be in the United States lawfully (the government's surprising answer: more often than you'd think).

First Mondays is also hiring! We're looking for someone (probably a smart law student, but not necessarily) to work with us a couple of hours a week, as a podcast editor and producer, as the First Mondays media empire grows. If you enjoy the work of the Supreme Court, think it would be fun to work with Dan and Ian, and have some basic familiarity with audio editing software, drop us an email (isamuel@law.harvard.edu and epps@wustl.edu) or get in touch via Twitter (@FirstMondaysFM).

Correction: This episode suggested that the Hogan Lovells team of attorneys that worked on Visa v. Osborn and Dietz v. Bouldin were identical. While there was substantial overlap between the two teams, Leila Mongan and Daniel J.T. Schuker worked on Dietz but not Visa, and Benjamin Fleming and Eugene Sokoloff worked on Visa but not Dietz.