OT2018 #15: "Second Best Opinion"

The January sitting is over and the Court will be out of session for a few weeks. But First Mondays keeps on working even when the Justices are taking a break. Dan and Leah catch you up on the court's latest opinions; review the big batch of cert. grants, as well as the high-profile petitions the court hasn't (yet) granted; and play a few fun clips from last week's arguments. That’s not all—listen to hear us discuss an interesting recent piece by Daniel Hemel on Justice Ginsburg and the value of life tenure, puzzle over why trust fund babies are suddenly looking to the Justices for some tax relief, and explain what Justice Gorsuch’s Tenth Circuit opinions might mean for the Court’s recent grant in Rehaif v. United States. And last but not least—Leah goes into Beast Mode as we discuss her favorite topic, the Armed Career Criminal Act, when recapping the unusual 5-4 opinion in Stokeling v. United States.

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