In Recess #1: "Crushing Negs"

The Supreme Court maybe now be in recess for the summer, but there's still lots going on. In our universe, we're pumped for a new partnership with everyone's favorite Supreme Court website, SCOTUSblog. Not to be confused with the Supreme Court's actual website, which got a much-anticipated makeover sometime after we recorded this episode. We catch you up on the latest happenings in the big travel ban case—as well as what RBG had to say about it. Plus, the October argument calendar was released, and those two weeks alone are already more interesting than all of OT2016 combined (sorry, OT2016 clerks!). Finally, we had a great conversation with Kannon Shanmugam, SCOTUS advocate extraordinaire and head of Williams & Connolly's Supreme Court and Appellate Litigation practice, who talked to us about being on the winning end of Justice Gorsuch's first majority opinion and more. 

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