OT2016 #20: "Who Is Calling Justice Breyer?"

Arguments for October Term 2016 are over—it's orders and opinions from here on out. Meanwhile, Justice Gorsuch has started voting on stuff at conference, and we're here to bring you the blockbuster news on his very first official vote. We also talk more about the debate over the Court's death penalty docket; recap the opinion in the I-can't-believe-this-case-name-is-real Lewis v. Clarke, about (no kidding) Indian law; look back on the SG's rough day in Maslenjak, a case about immaterial lies in citizenship applications; talk more about the nature of personal jurisdiction as we recap Bristol-Myers; and, in the aftershow, play another round of our new favorite game, "Firstie Impression." Or, possibly, "Q Priori." Or, possibly, "Feynman's Questions." The game has a lot of names.

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