Amici #10 [UNLOCKED]: “Rotten Fruit Juice”

Merry Christmas! This year, we at First Mondays have gotten you all the gift we know you’ve been wishing for most ardently: an unlocked bonus episode that was previously released exclusively to our Patreon backers. This summer, many of the Justices were off “teaching” in Europe where they were, no doubt, drinking some delicious wine. So we sat down with wine expert (and Lecturer in Italian Studies at Berkeley) Dr. Danielle Callegari, for a discussion about the history of wine in America and about the effects of the Court’s decision in Granholm v. Heald on the wine business. (You don’t think we’d omit the jurisdictional hook, do you?)

For more about the “three-tier” system we discuss on this episode, you can check out Dr. Caellgari’s latest blog post. And to learn more about Dr. Callegari and The Cabinet, go to her website or check out her Instagram.