OT2016 #2: "The Worst Part About Being a Supreme Court Justice"

This week on First Mondays, Ian and Dan dive right into Justice Breyer's exotic theories about Kim Kardashian. We also review the music of The Slants, who will be featured in the upcoming Lee v. Tam (4:00), and discuss the potential for Missouri to switch sides in the major Establishment Clause case, Trinity Lutheran (6:30).

We then recap the oral arguments in the insider-trading case Salman v. United States (13:20), the bank-fraud case Shaw v. United States (23:00), and the Double Jeopardy brain-teaser Bravo-Fernandez (36:00). We then look ahead to this week's Sixth Amendment case involving allegations of racial bias by a juror, Pena-Rodriguez v. Colorado (41:00), and the design-patent showdown in Samsung v. Apple (56:00). Finally, we discuss the Term's first after-lunch argument, Manrique v. United States (1:08:00) and—more importantly—our views on the Supreme Court's cafeteria.

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